Door Contact

Door Contact is an electric contacting device which is attached to a doorframe and operated by opening or closing the door.

  • Door Contact - Model-No : DG-DC-G3


  • 6 Terminals
  • Cover and wall tamper
  • Available in White Colour
  • Magnetic Detection
  • EN50131-2-6 Grade 3 Compliant
  • Environmental Class II

Technical Specifications

Connections 6 Terminals
Reed Switches 2
Pull-in Gap 12mm (X) 10mm (Y)
Material High Impact Polystyrene
Contact Size mm 85 x 25 x 21
Magnet Size mm 85 x 18 x 21
Contact Form SPST form A
Voltage Range 12v DC
Switching Current 500mA @ 12Vdc
Contact Material Rhodium & Ruthenium
Temperature Range -15° C to +40° C
Tamper Cover & optional RFMS
Colour White
Magnetic Interference Detection Yes
Standards EN50131-2-6 Grade 3 Compliant
Environmental Class II
  • Door Contact - Model-No : EP-019V

Technical Specifications

Model Number EP-019V
Gap Inch 83"(21mm)
Loop Open/Closed CLOSED
Reed Form Normally Open
Max. Contact Rating 10W
Max. Initial Contact Resistance 100mΩ
Max. Switching Voltage AC 110/DC 100 V
Max. Switching Current 0.5A
Contact Size 1.32"L×.53"W×.3"H (33.6mm×13.5mm×7.5mm)
Standard Magnet Size 1.32"L×.53"W×.3"H (33.6mm×13.5mm×7.5mm)
Wire 12"(305mm) 4 cores jacket wire
Leads Longer leads available
Operation Temperature -40°C to +60°C
Type Grade 3 Compliant