Shutter Door Sensor

Shutter Door Sensor detects the sound of door or window when gets opened or breached and triggering Alarm.

  • Heavy Duty Roller Shutter- Model-No : DG-SC-G3


  • High Quality Alloy Finish
  • Selectable (A,B)
  • Other resistor value available
  • Optional floor tamper
  • Locating mechanism to aid alignment
  • 45cm Armoured cable lengths
  • EN50131-2-6 Grade 3 Compliant
  • Environmental Class III

Technical Specifications

Connections8 Core x 7/0.2 Copper Cable
Armoured Cable Length450mm
Reed Switches1
Pull-in Gap23mm
Contact Size170mm x 50mm x 8.5mm
Magnet Size81mm x 82mm x 30mm
Contact FormSPST form A
Voltage Range12Vdc
Switching Current500mA @ 12Vdc
Contact MaterialRhodium & Ruthernium
Magnetic DetectionYes
StandardsEN50131-2-6 Grade 3 Compliant
Environmental ClassIII

  • Shutter Door Sensor - Model-No : GH006-AY66

Technical Specifications

Case Material Aluminum / Zinc Alloy
Working Voltage ≤ 100V
Working Current ≤ 500mA
Contact Mode NC (NC \ NO)
Installation Mode Embeded
Motion Detect Distance ≥ 45mm
Size 105 X 53 X 15 mm